Brain enhancement is not an easy task and sometimes it may seem impossible because the results are not recognizable after one or two days. Unfortunately it can get months maybe years till you can see some results, but believe, all the effort is totally worth it.

This website will help you to enhance your brain in various aspects. You can find here awesome brain enhancement tips and what is more you will find tons of useful information about how the brain works and what are the news of recent research. Brain is one of the least explored human organ which leads to plenty of new studies in which scientist reveal fresh findings and we are here to serve them for you.

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Why Should You Read our Blog?

My name is David and I am writing the content for this blog with my beloved girlfriend Katka. I have a master degree in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) which makes me passionate about the brain itself. Understanding how the brain works helps me to understand how certain AI and ML methods work and vice versa. What is more it helps me in my job as a Data Scientist.

Katka is a former student of economics who loves any kinds of puzzles and various logical games. She likes any opportunity to educate herself and to find fascinating facts which she can share with others.