Brain Teasers Archive

18 Mar 2017

Dinner bill

Three friends at a restaurant should pay 30 dollars together for the same 3 meals. They paid their bill but when waiter passed the money to his manager he told him that they should pay only 25
15 Mar 2017

Race on camels

The story of today begins in one oasis in a desert. Two traders who were traveling together stopped there and they started arguing about who has slower camel. No one was able to convince the other man
11 Mar 2017

Creaky Bridge

There is a creaky bridge in the forest which can hold only 2 people maximum at the same time. You and your 3 friends reached such bridge in the middle of the night and have to cross
8 Mar 2017


Imagine that you are standing in front of a castle. The castle is located on a squared island and protected by moat filled with water with sharks in it. The moat is also squared and has the
4 Mar 2017

Nine dots

Are you able to connect 9 dots on picture below using only one stroke with 4 lines? You can visit each dot only once. Solution
28 Feb 2017


There is a bridge in one country far far away. The bridge is 4 km long and its capacity is exactly 8 tons in a way that 8 tons and 1 gram is enough to destroy the
25 Feb 2017

Fake coin

You have 9 coins from which one is fake but you have no idea which one it is. The only information you have about the fake coin is that it is slightly lighter than the others. Beside
21 Feb 2017

Two doors and two doorkeepers

You are locked in a room with two doors, but only one of them takes you out from the room. In front of each door is a doorkeeper, whereas only one doorkeeper always tells the truth and
18 Feb 2017


Math teacher wanted to measure quiz time in an original way. Thus he brought two sandglasses to the class, one which measured exactly 7 minutes and one which measured exactly 11 minutes. How did he know when
14 Feb 2017

Five-card magic trick

Imagine you and your friend are going to perform a magic trick with standard deck of 52 cards. Your friend will be the magician and you will be his “randomly” selected person from the audience, but no